Digital RF - IMSI Grabbing and Tracking

IMSI Grabbing and Tracking

IMSI Grabbing and Tracking


  • GSM or GPS Location System
  • IMSI details collected from all Mobile Devices
  • Data Reporting of devices for tracking of Targets, Staff or other Personnel.
  • Low cost
  • Black / White list and Fencing option based on specific cell locations
  • Network Independent
  • Depoyable in Secure Buildings, Embassies, Airports, etc 
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Product Description

The Digital RF offers a range of IMSI Grabbing Systems for Intelligence Gathering and Tracking capabilities using the latest GSM technology. Deployed in secure buildings, check points or on the move the IMSI Gabber, working with the Diital RF Range of Jammers can provide critical uniques mobile phone identity and location information. This information can be used to track the mobile device and allert security staff when a Target is present.

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