Digital RF - Drone Detection and Jamming

Drone Detection and Jamming

Drone Detection and Jamming


Summary of Detection Features:

  • Identification of Drones - Range 1.1km, Detection of Birds, Drones, other objects Range ~3km (target dependent).

  • Identification and Tracking of multiple Drones at the same time.

  • Customer configurable Alarm Zones for Automatic Jamming.

  • All data recorded for future analysis.

  • Optional camera for visual confirmation.

Summary of Prevention Features:

  • Integrated with Detection System for complete solution which AUTOMATICALLY Jams the drone upon meeting the customer configured criterial.

  • High Gain Directional antennas capable of being directed towards target.

  • Variable RF output control.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Remote control

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Product Description

Preventing the use Drones to deliver drugs, weapons and mobile phones or communications devices in Prisons and Secure Facilities is an important part of security and crime prevention. Digital RF can provide, install and maintain ‘Cell-blockTM’ Drone Detection and Prevention, a comprehensive detection and jamming system.

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