Digital RF - MDS Magnetic Detection System

MDS Magnetic Detection System

MDS Magnetic Detection System
MDS Magnetic Detection System
MDS Magnetic Detection System


  • Automatic detection of Magnetic Bombs or Tracking Devices.
  • Prevention of entry upon detection
  • Automatic activation of RF Jammers to prevent remote detonation
  • Easy to use by Security Staff
  • Installation in 1 day
  • 24/7, 365 day operation
  • Designed for operation in harsh environments.
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Product Description

MDS is a comprehensive automatic detection system for entrance security control.

Comprising a speed ramp and barrier fitted at the entrance of a building or car park, it will detect any magnetic material, such as a magnetic bomb / RCIED or Tracking Device attached to the vehicle chassis.

While the vehicle travels over the system the vehicle is automatically scanned and the barrier entrance synchronised to allow or deny entry.

Once installed as part of the security system MDS will provide a visual and/or audio alarm and prevent entry enabling the security staff to deal with the situation.

Radio Frequency jammers can be supplied as part of MDS which will automatically come on during detection of a device preventing remote detonation.

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