Digital RF - Explosive Detection - Hornet

Explosive Detection - Hornet

Explosive Detection - Hornet


  • Fast scanning speed ‘real time’.
  • Sensor array enables identification and screening of threats and substances/subjects of interests at long range.
  • Safe and Non-invasive covert screening technology.
  • Constant vigilance Threat library containing 100’s of substances
  • Completely safe for user and target
  • Optional B6+ armored all-terrain 4x4 vehicle.
  • Suitable for Covert vehicle installations
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Product Description

The Digital RF Hornet provides the next generation technology for counter terrorism. Using established Laser Scanning techniques the Hornet can detect explosive traces or drugs over long distances.

Able to detect explosives traces on vehicles, packages and Suicide Bombers, the Hornet is an essential tool for modern Security operations including: Boarder Control, Check Points and Peace Keeping Forces.



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