Digital RF - Chameleon - Mobile Phone use while Jamming

Chameleon - Mobile Phone use while Jamming

Chameleon - Mobile Phone use while Jamming


  • VIPs and Security Forces use their own Mobile Phones for open communications while jamming
  • All unauthorized users are fully blocked
  • Static deployment and On-The Move (OTM) options
  • Location, National or International calls.
  • Built in AC Power Supplies for continuous use
  • Encryted secure calls.
  • Full Training and Turn-key solution
  • System suitable for air transportation.


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Product Description

The Digital RF Chameleon allows making or receiving mobile phone calls while jamming. Using the long experience of designing and manufacturing jamming systems for VIP’s. Digital RF has developed ‘Chameleon’ a Digital Radio System which can be used while jamming. Designated users can use dedicated programmed Radios to call each other and make and receive external calls. Easy to operate Chameleon can be used in fixed environments such as Buildings, Convention Centres or Hotels, or be used in transit where ‘on-the-move’ services are provided.


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