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Room Jammer

Room Jammer
Room Jammer


The Digital RF Mini Cell-BlockTM LP Room Jammer is designed and manufactured in the UK. It is equipped for both wall mounting and free standing  applications and has a universal power supply.

A full range of integrated efficient Antennas are provided in the system to ensure the maximum energy is transmitted into the required area. These Antenna are designed and built in the UK and installed as part of a turnkey solution. An optional battery back up facility can also be offered to provide one hour of use without power from the mains.

A wide selection of frequency bands are selectable by the Customer depending on country and local operator networks. Each Jammer is remote controlled by the ‘Sentinel’ Monitor and Control Software application.


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Product Description

The Digital RF Mini Cell-blockTM LP Room Jammer is a compact jamming system which can be wall mounted in rooms and around a building to provide  complete protection. 

Each Jamming Module can be remotely controlled and radiates multiple programmable jamming carriers that can instantaneously jam selected frequency bands.

The modular design enables the system to be fitted to inhibit the required threat frequencies while being easily maintained by personnel in the field.



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