Digital RF - Prison Jammer

Prison Jammer

Prison Jammer
Prison Jammer
Prison Jammer
Prison Jammer
Prison Jammer


  • Portable or Permanent Installation
  • Wide range of Frequency bands available
  • Full remote control of each Jammer
  • Multi network operation emulating up to 6 networks in one box
  • Optional "denial of service" creating a Black list and White list of all mobile phone users
  • Optional battery back up to provide 1 hour operation without power from the mains
  • Designed for 24hr use 365 days per year


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Product Description

Preventing the use of Mobile phones and communications devices in Prisons and Secure Facilities is an important part of security and crime prevention.

Digital RF can provide, install and maintain ‘Cell-Block’TM a comprehensive, communications device monitoring and jamming system.

Cell-BlockTM can be easily installed and is tamper proof. Operating over many frequency bands cell phones, satellite phone, Wi-Fi and many other communications devices are disabled.

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