Digital RF - Vehicle Jammer

Vehicle Jammer

Vehicle Jammer
Vehicle Jammer
Vehicle Jammer
Vehicle Jammer
Vehicle Jammer


  • Digital RF offer a Turn-Key Solution for either 4x4 vehicles or Saloon Cars
  • Modular design covering a full range of frequencies from 20-7000MHz and higher (Options for 9000MHz). NATO registered.
  • Efficient individual cooling fans for each Module.
  • Solid state high power amplifier technology from 10W to 200W per module
  • Frequency Enhancement - Programmable windows.
  • Mounted in rugged flight cases for easy installation in vehicles and portable operation.
  • Remote Control for each Jammer module.
  • GUI Computer interface for easy configuration.
  • Digital swept carrier jamming with pseudo random modulation for sequential and barrage jamming.
  • Mains and DC Powered.
  • Back-up battery for one hour autonomous operation.
  • Specially designed wide band antennas - one for each band of operation.
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Product Description

The Digital RF Vehicle Jammer can be fitted to most 4 x 4 and Saloon Vehicles to provide Protection whilst on the move or parked in an area of threat. Using the Digital RF Blackshadow Jamming technology the system will provide protection against the threat of Remote Controlled improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) and prevent the use of unauthorised communication technology. It is ideally deployed to protect VIP's, Military, Police and Special Security Forces anywhere in the world.



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